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Ranfurly Library Service

The Ranfurly Library Service is a book aid charity based in the UK which distributes over 650,000 books every year in response to requests from more than 60 developing countries around the world. The books are sent to educational and community organizations, for adults and children, and the majority comprises textbooks for schools and universities.

The Service establishes close links with librarians in developing countries and thereby identifies needs in particular regions or for particular types of books. It responds by setting up special projects targeted at fulfilling those needs. In many African countries there is a severe shortage of secondary school textbooks. While local publishing caters to some extent for the primary level, most secondary titles still have to be imported. The Ranfurly Library Service seeks to fulfil this need and is also hoping to establish a project to support indigenous publishing in Africa.

The Ranfurly Library Service
2 Coldharbour Place
39/41 Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell
London SE5 9NR, UK