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Energy feeds

47. Poultry feed must contain above all energy feeds. Often the farmer can himself produce these feeds. The main energy feeds are:

· Maize, sorghum, millet, rice

You can give these in the form of grain or of meal. Poultry like maize; they can eat a lot of it without harm.

· Cassava

You can give it in the form of meal, or boiled. You must not give too much. In 10 kilogrammes of feed there should not be more than 2 kilogrammes of cassava.

· Rice bran

In 10 kilogrammes of feed, there should not be more than 1 kilogramme of rice bran.

· Palm- kemel oil cake

This is both an energy feed which can replace maize, and a body- building feed which can replace groundnut oil cake. In 10 kilogrammes of feed there should not be more than 1.5 kilogrammes of palm- kernel oil cake.