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Animals can earn much more

Traditional animal husbandry is useful, but it produces little and earns little.

Modern animal husbandry can produce more and earn much more.

· Well-fed animals grow more quickly, they become bigger, yield more meat. They can be sold at a better price.

· Well-fed animals give more milk. The young animals are in better health. The milk can also be sold or drunk.

· Well-trained animals can be harnessed and help you to farm bigger fields. They help to carry wood, water, harvests. You have more time for farming, your fields will be bigger and better worked.

· Animals produce manure. Your soil will become richer and better. Your harvests will be better. You will make more money.

· Animals that are well fed and looked after are healthy. They have more young ones and your herd will be better and bigger. You can sell animals and earn more money.
Animal husbandry is a capital that can produce a lot.