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Private and confidential. The essential qualities to look for in a family planning clinic

Family planning clinics


"I would not feel embarrassed but I would want to know that my business is confidential."

19, F, USA

"I would like to be guaranteed privacy and confidentiality, of course, I would also like to be told all the truth."

19, M, Lesotho

"Confidentiality is very important. But above all a patient would always be happy with a reasonably special treatment. However, exaggerated care might have the opposite effect."

21, M, Algeria



"Not condescending... or patronising, just with some dignity and respect."

18, F, UK

"They should treat me according to my health problems. I should not be asked to take my clothes off when I have a headache."

21, F, Lesotho

"I would like them to treat me with respect. They should respect my opinion and my problems. They should not neglect or underestimate any problem that might seem trivial to them."

21, F, Iraq

"Treat me like a person with sense, with an open mind, not judgmental. I have parents already, so don't treat me like a child "

22, F, USA

"I would like to be treated with respect, in a non-judgmental, client-centred, youth, gender and sexuality sensitive environment, and of course with patience."

19, M, USA

Convenience and accessibility

"I am not married. How can I go to a family planning clinic?"

19, F, India

"I would not be embarrassed to be in a clinic. Everyone else is there for the same reasons; better to be safe than sorry."

21, M, USA

"There is no point having clinics which are only open when we're at school."

17, F, UK

Friendly environment

"They should be kind to me."

17, F, Cameroon

"Wish that they were more like friends that I could confide in."

19, F, Sri Lanka

"I want to be made comfy - that is be given a steaming mug of hot chocolate and some biscuits or a real cool glass of lemonade if it's hot. On a serious note I would like to be handled in a manner that won't upset me."

21, M, Botswana

"I would like a warm welcome so that I feel free to explain my problems."

20, M, Lesotho