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close this bookThe Courier N° 138 - March - April 1993 Dossier: Africa's New Democracies - Country Reports : Jamaica - Zambia (EC Courier, 1993, 96 p.)
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Meeting point: Alpha Konar

How is democracy faring in Mali, two years after the bloody events which precipitated the fall of the country's 23-year old dictatorship? What problems face the new regime elected by the people? The Courier put these questions to Alpha Oumar Konarthe man whom the Malians chose as their leader in April 1992.

Country reports

JAMAICA: The limited damage sustained in Jamaica's recent earthquake -a relatively rare event on the island which happened to coincide with The Courier's visit - revealed that the buildings have good foundations. But what of the country's economic and social foundations? Jamaica has seen some hard times in the recent past and it still faces a number of formidable challenges. However, there are signs that the 'green shoots' of recovery are beginning to emerge as the country adapts to a new, liberal economic environment.

ZAMBIA: A year and a half ago Zambia joined the club of new democracies in Africa when years of one-party rule ended after free elections. The international community has rallied behind the new
government, whose head, President Frederick Chiluba, talks to The Courier about his vision of a political and economic system in which all Zambians have a part to play. As a rigorous economic reform programme is applied, ordinary people are being asked to make difficult sacrifices, but the country looks forward to setting up a successful free-market economy.

Dossier: Africa's new democracies

As, one after another-and with varying degrees of commitment --- the countries of Africa embark on the path of democracy, doubts are beginning to set in. People are increasingly asking whether the process can succeed and are even beginning to question whether the Western democratic model is a suitable one for Africa.