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1a. Explain that many Volunteers want an opportunity to pass on their knowledge to incoming Volunteers. The next hour will help them do just that. It will be a time to learnt how they can pass information on to new Volunteers.

[5 min]

1b. Mention that there are many possibilities. Some countries develop handbooks on safety advice, cultural training sessions involving Volunteers, slide shows on Volunteer lifestyles in the country, etc.

Volunteer Activities

2a. Ask them to list areas in which they would like to develop more information for new Volunteers, e.g., safety information for new Volunteers.

[5 min]

2b. After they have listed the areas of interest, ask them to divide into groups according to their personal interests.

In these groups they will be discussing:
- the type of information, activity or skill they want to pass on;
- how they want to develop this material; and
- individual responsibilities for following through on the tasks.

[45 min]

2c. When they have completed the group work, have each group give a brief summary of what they will be doing and how.


[5 min]

1a. Recap the day, briefly mentioning the topics and activities.

Post again the goals and check with participants to make sure they were met. If they were not, ask why. Ask how they could follow up.

1b. Distribute evaluation forms and ask participants to provide suggestions for future such workshops.