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This document was prepared by UNDP through the Energy and Atmosphere Programme (EAP) in the Sustainable Energy and Environment Division, BPPS in collaboration with International Energy Initiative (IEI), and Energy 21, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), and the World Energy Council (WEC), and in consultation with the Secretariat of the UN Commission for Sustainable Development (DPCSD). The EAP unit consists of Thomas B. Johansson, Suresh Hurry, Susan McDade, Ad Dankers, Lory Dolar and Vivette Riley. Susan McDade was the Project Coordinator for this effort and was assisted by Kim Heismann, Research Assistant in the production process. Special thanks to Pep Bardouille, Anilla Cherian, and Lory Dolar for their efforts in the production of this work during their assignment in EAP. This document was edited by Helen Armstrong and the graphic design work was undertaken by Peter Joseph.

UNDP wishes to thank the Government of Austria for their contribution to this project which supported the initial submissions from the contributors. This Executive Summary is based on the full report on energy entitled Energy After Rio: Prospects and Challenges. The work has benefited from the peer review process, especially the October 1996 review meeting held in New York, as well as the many comments and revisions suggested subsequently. UNDP wishes to thank all contributors and reviewers for their efforts, including:

Pep Bardouille, Corinne Boone, Angela Cropper, Francois Coutu, Bernard Devin, Martha DueLoza, Ad Dankers, Lory Dolar, Gordon Goodman, Josoldemberg, J. Gururaja, Ture Hammar, Kim Heismann, Richard Hosier, Suresh Hurry, Hisashi Ishitani, Harry Lehmann, Roberto Lenton, Andre Marcu, Susan McDade, Nebojsa Nakicenovic, Frank Pinto, Paul Raskin, Annie Roncerel, E.VR. Sastry, Stirling Scruggs, C.S.Sinha, Youba Sokona, Carlos Suarez, Joke Waller-Hunter, Anders Wijkman and Neville Williams.

Cover photo credits: Middle East oil field: Hoa-Qui, Liaison International; LA Traffic: copyright © 1996 PhotoDisc, Inc.; Australian solar thermal technology: Imagenet stock photography; other photos courtesy of the photographers: Andrea Brizzi, Cherie Hart, Chuck Lankester, Costa Manzini, Ruth Massey and Susan McDade.