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close this bookThe Courier N 122 July - August 1990 - Dossier Tourism - Country Report: Mali (EC Courier, 1990, 104 p.)
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Meeting point: Yves Roland - Billecart

Who is the “Bwana” who, since a little over a year, has headed Air Afrique, the multinational air transport company which was near collapse in 1988? Yves Roland - Billecart, chosen by the Heads of State of Air Afrique members to put the company back on its feet, and given full powers to do so, explains how he was nominated, recalls the early and sometimes painful measures he had to take (amongst which the laying - off of 1600 employees) and comments on the highly encouraging results. Air Afrique, “Billecartised”. seems poised to take off again.

Country report

MALI: To have a cereals surplus of more than 600 000 tonnes - that’s really something for a Sahel country! Yet that is the enviable position Mali now finds itself in. Does that mean that the country is now out of its difficulties’? No, because agriculture is volatile by nature, and will remain so... Nevertheless, its future can be made more secure by a mixture of better water resource management and fundamental structural reforms. The State is gradually loosening its control and private enterprise will have to take its place. The Malian peasant, anyway, seems to be rising to the challenge.

Dossier: Tourism

Almost certain to become the biggest sector in international trade by the year 2000, tourism is increasingly becoming for a large number of the developing countries a very important source of foreign exchange. The industry, though, requires careful planning and promotion to be economically successful as well as being socially, culturally and environmentally acceptable. Our dossier examines how.

Culture and the arts

The ACP - EEC Cultural Foundation has lately been organising an increasing number - and increasingly varied cultural activities, for which it is to be congratulated. Three, in particular, are highlighted in this issue an exhibition of watercolours of houses in Mauritius and Rodrigues by Marc Gossan exhibition linked on the discovery of the Caribbean island, Hispaniola, by Christopher Columbus; and a world premi of the symphony i’ Day of action and grace” by the Burkinabomposer, B.R. Guirma.