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close this bookFormwork Making - Course: Timberwork techniques. Instruction examples for practical vocational training (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 23 p.)
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Instruction Example 1.5. Column Formwork Making

This example serves to practise making of a column formwork to given sizes.


Formwork boards
squared timbers
nails of different sizes


Hand tools and machines

Circular saw, hand saw, hammer wrecking bar with claw, nail pincers, column clamps of steel with steel wedges

Measuring and testing means

Folding rule, try square, water level, plump

Auxiliary accessories

Paper, pencil

Necessary previous knowledge

See ceiling form work

Explanations to the working drawing

1 arch timber, 2 formwork sheeting, 3 steel clamps, 4 steel wedge, 5 cover straps of formwork sheeting panel, 6 foot rim, 7 nailing, 8 steel nails

Sequence of operations


1. Study the formwork project.

Make available the tools and materials.

2. Scribe the size of the column on the concrete bottom.

If steel reinforcements project from the concrete bottom, they are to be connected with the column reinforcement!

3. Nail the column rim on the concrete.

The inside dimensions of the column rim must allow for 25 mm sheeting thickness per side. The column rim is to be prefabricated from boards!

4. Erect one column comer.

Alternately insert two prefabricated panels in the column rim to form a comer and nail them together. If necessary, support them diagonally by boards!

5. Place the reinforcing steel.

6. Erect the second column comer.

Insert the remaining two panels in the column rim and nail them alternately! One panel must have a cleaning hole at the foot!

7. Erect the arch timbers.

Erect and fix with nails two arch timbers (100 mm x 100 mm) at both sides of each corner! Make sure that the column formwork is perpendicular!

8. Tie the column formwork.

Wrap column clamps of flat steel around the arch timbers and tighten them with steel wedges. The vertical distance between the column clamps should be approximately 700 mm. If no steel clamps are available, use wooden rims!

9. Check the alignment and accuracy to size.

Column Formwork Making