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Protection from insects and diseases

The most dangerous insects are the following:

39. Capsids

These insects prick the twigs and pods. At the place where they make a hole, the tree dries out and the sap no longer circulates. Young trees attacked by capsids often die. To control capsids, use Lindane or Aldrin.

40. Borers

The larvae of these insects bore holes in the trunk or branches. You can control borers with DDT or Dieldrin.


The most dangerous diseases that attack cocoa trees are the following:

41. Black pod disease

This is caused by a fungus which chiefly attacks the pods.

If attacked, the pods rot and die.

Control this disease by picking off diseased pods and burning them.

You can prevent the disease from spreading by spraying the sound pods with copper preparations.

42. Swollen shoot disease

This is a very serious disease, which has caused much damage in Ghana.
You will see that the leaves are mottled. Sometimes some twigs become very thick and the tree soon dies. Mealy bugs carried about by ants can transmit the disease from one tree to another.

Control this disease by cutting down diseased trees and leaving them to wither.

Remember that, when a diseased tree has been discovered and cut down, all the trees circling it must be cut down also to avoid the spread of infection.