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Carrying small fish

61. Small fish can be hurt easily. So, you must be very careful when you handle them or carry them from place to place.

62. If you collect small fish using a seine net Carry them in a container such as

· clay pot with a cover
· a bucket with a lid
· a plastic bag.

Use a container

63. When you carry small fish you must be careful to

· use only clean water
· keep the fish out of the sun or cover the container with a well cloth 10 keep it cool.

Keep the fish out of sun

64. If you carry small fish in plastic bags, carry the bags in a box so that they will not break. Cover the box and the plastic bags with a wet cloth to keep them cool

Use plastic bags

65. When you are carrying small fish, if you see that they are gasping for air pull some air into the water by

· splashing the water gently with your hand
· forcing air into the water with a tire pump.

Put air into the water