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close this bookSwitchgear - Basic vocational knowledge (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 54 p.)
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View the documentPreface
View the document1. General remarks
close this folder2. Important components of switches
View the document2.1. Switching contacts
View the document2.2. Arcs
View the document2.3. Switch mechanisms
close this folder3. Low-voltage circuit breakers
View the document3.1. Classification and tasks of the circuit breakers
close this folder3.2. Circuit breakers
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View the document3.2.1. Universal circuit breakers
View the document3.2.2. Compact circuit breakers
View the document3.2.3. High-speed switches for d.c. installations
View the document3.2.4. Protective switches
close this folder3.3. Overload circuit breakers
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View the document3.3.1. Multisection cam-operated switches
View the document3.3.2. Contactors
close this folder3.4. On -load switches
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View the document3.4.1. Load-break switches in slim design
View the document3.4.2. Installation switcher
View the document3.5. Off-load switches
close this folder4. Relays and control devices
close this folder4.1. Relays
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View the document4.1.1. Neutral or auxiliary relays
View the document4.1.2. Time relays
View the document4.1.3. Undervoltage and overvoltage relays
View the document4.1.4. Overcurrent relays
View the document4.1.5. Overcurrent time relays
View the document4.1.6. Magnetic overcurrent relays
View the document4.1.7. Signal relays
close this folder4.2. Control devices
View the document4.2.1. Discrepancy switches
View the document4.2.2. Control discrepancy switches