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close this bookFood, Nutrition and Agriculture - 11- Edible Fats and Oils (FAO - FPND - FAO, 1994)
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View the documentEditorial
Open this folder and view contentsExperts' recommendations on fats and oils in human nutrition1
View the documentRecommandations d'experts sur les matičres grasses dans l'alimentation humaine
View the documentRecomendaciones de expertos sobre las grasas y aceites en la nutrición humana
Open this folder and view contentsUntitled
View the documentImportance of fats and oils for child growth and development
View the documentImportance des matičres grasses pour la croissance et le développement des enfants
Open this folder and view contentsDisponibilités des lipides alimentaires dans le monde
View the documentAvailability of edible fats in the world
View the documentDisponibilidad de grasas comestibles en el mundo
Open this folder and view contentsGhani: A traditional method of oil processing in India
View the documentGhani: Méthode traditionnelle de fabrication de l'huile en Inde
View the documentEl «ghani» método tradicional utilizado en la India para la elaboración del aceite
Open this folder and view contentsStandards to ensure the authenticity of edible oils and fats
View the documentNormes visant ŕ assurer l'authenticité des matičres grasses alimentaires
View the documentNormas para garantizar la autenticidad de los aceites y grasas comestibles
Open this folder and view contentsUnderstanding the GATT agreement on the application of sanitary and phytosanitary measures1
View the documentComprendre l'accord du GATT sur l'application des mesures sanitaires et phytosanitaires
View the documentAnálisis del acuerdo del GATT sobre medidas sanitarias y fitosanitarias
Open this folder and view contentsCodex Alimentarius
Open this folder and view contentsBooks/Livres/Libros
View the documentGuidelines for authors
View the documentPrincipes a l'usage des auteurs
View the documentOrientaciones para los autores
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