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The final manuscript presents the following elements:

First pages:

- title page
- name of the author(s)
- summary or table of contents
- preface or introduction, or both
- cover page, which can be an introduction.

The body of the text:

- the whole text, divided into chapters and sub-chapters, tables, graphs, footnotes and, if necessary, exercises or sets of questions, keys and answers, with details about illustrations.

The last pages, where applicable:

- all the appendices
- a glossary of definitions
- an index of illustrations
- an index of authors and subject matter
- a bibliography and list of references

A detailed, complete, numbered list of illustrations indexed according to category should be established and accompany the manuscript in a separate file.

Authorisations and indications of "copyright" materials and photographs used.

If need be, the author will add a list of missing items (illustrations, authorizations, index, etc) and the date at which he can submit them.

Submission of the final manuscript

The final manuscript, drafted and typed in accordance with technical guidelines for presentation is submitted to a small working group, composed of all or part of the Textbook Committee, for reading and evaluation. A teacher or an inspector specialised in the field in question and a curriculum development specialist join in this evaluation. After examination of the manuscript, the author receives comments, conclusions and recommendations of the evaluators and will then make any necessary corrections or revisions to his manuscript. Sometimes there are very few corrections to make, but in all likelihood the author will discover flaws in presentation, difficulties of comprehension in the text and other similar shortcomings which require slight modification. Discussions with the evaluators can provide him with additional information regarding improvements to the text.

The definitive manuscript

The definitive manuscript is the final typescript which has been corrected and revised after evaluation and has been approved by the Director of the Textbook Committee. After a rigourous and detailed examination on the part of the publisher, the manuscript is copy-prepared for transmission to the service responsible for typesetting and page-lay out. At this stage it is still possible that some final modifications may have to be made for the purposes of composition and typesetting.