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Basic skills

Several of the skills you will need are common to each of the steps; they may even be useful to you in your other work as well. They are:

Remember the rules of case management in the home.
Use simple language.
Ask questions.

Before learning the steps to good advising, you will first have the chance to learn and practise these skills.

Basic skill: Remember the rules of case management in the home

These case management rules are the basis for all information needed to advise mothers about caring for a child with diarrhoea. They are the basis of the rest of the exercises on communication.

List here the three rules of case management in the home. (State them as your national programme states them. This information should come from your national CDD programme policy):




The correct advice about using antidiarrhoeal preparations and antibiotics for child diarrhoea is:

If there is any part of the above information about which you are unsure or unclear, please review Case Management in the Home before continuing.

The following page suggests a way in which adapted information may be summarized and presented. The information to fill in the boxes may come from national CDD programme policy, from research done in all or in parts of your country, or from your knowledge of the area in which you live and work. Your national programme may already have completed such a summary sheet with the information available.