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The baby rabbits

171. Baby rabbits are usually born about one month after mating. However, they may be born a few days earlier or a few days later.

172. About five or six days before you expect the babies to be born, put one of the nest boxes that you have built (see page 41 in the last booklet) in the pen with the female.

Put one of the nest boxes in the pen with the female

173. Cover the bottom of the box with sawdust or wood chips. This will help to keep the box dry after the baby rabbits are born. Put a little dry grass or hay in the box.

Dry grass or hey

174. The female rabbit will then make a nest in the box to protect the baby rabbits, using some of her fur mixed with the dry grass or hay.

The female rabbit will make a nest

175. The nest box is very important because baby rabbits are weak and helpless when they are born. Baby rabbits have no fur, they cannot see and they cannot walk. So, they must be well protected.

The baby rabbits in the nest

176. Soon after the female rabbit has finished the nest, you can expect the baby rabbits to be born.

177. Stay away from the pen as much as you can during this time and do not bother the female. This is especially true while she is having the babies.