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The pens

237. It is very important to keep your rabbit pens clean. Your rabbits may get sick if their pens become dirty.

238. If you built your pens like those shown in the last booklet, they will usually stay clean. However, sometimes the droppings may not fall out of the pen.


239. So, watch carefully to see that no rabbit droppings collect on the floor or in the corners of your pen. If they do, brush them out.

Brush out rabbit droppings

240. Clean the pens of your full- grown rabbits with soap and water at least twice each year and more often if they become dirty.

Clean the pens

241. When your baby rabbits are big enough and no longer need their nest boxes clean the boxes with soap and water and put them away for the next time.

242. When all of your young rabbits have been eaten or sold, clean their pens with soap and water before you put in more young rabbits.


If a rabbit begins to ruin its pen by chewing the wood of the walls or the floor give it a piece of wood to chew.

Give it a piece of food to chew