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85. If you buy day- old chicks, you must protect them from cold and from animals - rats, snakes, cats.

Put the chicks in the brooder for three or four weeks.

To protect the chicks from predatory animals put them in a big wooden case or In a big basket. See the picture on page 45.

Put netting over the top.

To protect the chicks from cold, put a storm lantern in the middle.

Surround the lantern with netting so that the chicks do not burn themselves.

A storm lantern gives enough warmth for 20 to 40 chicks.

Reduce or increase the warmth when the chicks are too warm or when they are too cold.

The chicks are too warm when they go away from the lantern.

The chicks are too cold when they crowd up to each other.

To feed the chicks, put a feeding trough and a drinking fount inside the brooder.

The case is covered with netting to protect the chicks from dogs and cats.

The case is covered

How to choose and look after hens to produce chicks


86. Choose hens of a good breed, that do not have pullorum disease.

Mate them with a cock of good breed that also does not have pullorum.

In that way the eggs are fertilized: they produce chicks.
Choose hens that give a lot of big eggs.

In order to know which hens produce a lot of big eggs, they are made to lay in nests that close after the hen has gone in.

Choose hens that sit on the eggs.

These hens should be big, in good health and have plenty of feathers.

Separate them from the other hens.

Put them in a corner of the poultry house surrounded by netting, with a feeding trough and drinking trough with fount.

Feed them very well and protect them well against parasites.

As broody hens do not move, they can easily catch parasites.

Kill these parasites with wood ashes or with products that are sold for the purpose.