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How to choose animals' food

You must choose foods that give strength and energy.

· Many experiments have shown that a cow which eats 1 kilogramme of paddy (nhusked rice) can give as much milk s a cow which eats 6.5 kilogrammes of grass.

· Other experiments have been made for every kind of food for animals. These experiments have shown the amount of each food which has the same value as 1 kilogramme of paddy
1 kg of paddy is used to measure the value of foods.
1 kg of paddy is called a fodder unit or feed unit.
1 Kg of paddy (unhusked rice)
1 Kg of cottonseed cake
6.5 Kg of grass
1 kg of paddy,
1.6 kg of cottonseed cake,
6.5 kg of grass have the same food value.
They give 1 fodder unit.