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Animals must be watched

A farmer who leaves his animals to roam freely, who does not watch them, has not much work to do.

But his animals:

· do not make good use of the grass.

They eat the good grasses first and leave the poor ones.
The good grasses are always eaten before they make seeds, and so they cannot multiply.
On the other hand, the poor grasses which are not eaten grow well and make many seeds. So they multiply and the pasture becomes poor.

· may have accidents and get diseases.

They may go near streams and catch many diseases.
If an animal is bitten by a snake or has some accident, nobody knows about it, and nobody looks after the animal.
Animals can also be stolen more easily.

· damage crops.

To prevent animals from damaging crops, fields must be surrounded by fences, or else fields a long way from the village must be farmed. Then the farmer loses a lot of time going to his fields.