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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: The Management of Lower Abdominal Pain

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a common complication of untreated gonococcal and/or chlamydial cervicitis and results in tubal scarring and occlusion. This can lead to ectopic pregnancy — a serious, possibly life-threatening complication. Most infertility problems in the developing world are attributed to prior upper genital tract infections.21

An example of a clinical flowchart for detecting PID is shown in Figure 6. Because of the serious complications of PID, the flowchart should start with a very sensitive symptom. Lower abdominal pain is more sensitive for PID than fever. It is important that surgical and obstetrical emergencies, such as peritonitis and extra-uterine pregnancy, are immediately referred.

Figure - Example of a Flowchart for the Management of Abdominal Pain - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC