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4. The water we use for ourselves, for our animals and for our crops comes from the rain which falls from the clouds.

The rain

5. Even the water in swamps, lakes and streams comes first from the rain. For us, rainfall is very important.


6. In some places it rains very much but only during one or two seasons of the year. During the seasons when it does not rain, we may not have enough water.

Raining seasons

7. We must learn how to store water when it rains so that we can have water when it does not rain.

Storing water

8. In some places it rains very little and only at one season of the year. In other places, hardly any rain falls at all.

Raining seasons

9. In these places, we have too little water and we must learn to find water in the ground or to store water when it does rain to use later.

Finiding water in the ground

10. To help us know more about the water we use, let us see:

· what happens to the water that falls as rain;
· where water goes after it rains;
· where water can be found when it does not rain.