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close this bookSmall Scale Irrigation Systems: A Training Manual (Peace Corps, 1983, 82 p.)
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Materials needed for workshop project

1. Overhead projector

2. Slide projector (35mm)

3. Climate information for local area

4. Soil survey maps, if available

5. Meter stick or measuring tape (metric & English units)

6. Graph paper, 10 x 10 (metric or English)

7. Plastic 3/8" or 1/2" hose 30-meter lengths (3 minimum)

8. Marking pens - felt tip or crayons

9. Watch with second hand

10. Shovel

11. Training Guides Numbers 1 thru 19 (20 copies each)

12. Blackboard and Chalk

13. Glass jars, 1 liter or 1 qt. (4 minimum)

14. Cans, 2 liter or larger, w/end cut out (6 minimum)

15. Lumber as needed for construction of leveling instruments, stadia rods, stakes, etc.

16. One-foot rulers (metric and English units)

17. Soil auger

18. Newsprint

19. Hatchets (or local equivalent)

20. Hammers, nails, paint

21. Abney level and bubble levels, if possible

22. Carpenter level