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Activity no. 4 - Learning from an expert

Learning from an expert

A visit from the local family planning or planned parenthood worker.



· The group leader arranges in advance for a worker from the local family planning or planned parenthood association to visit the youth group.

· The leader explains to the group members that the family planning worker is there to help give them the information they need to make good decisions regarding family size and family spacing, and to answer any questions they may have.

· The family planning worker makes his or her presentation.

Note: See introductory unit on things to consider when using a resource person.


So that group members will be able to:

· Obtain good information needed to make responsible decisions regarding family size and spacing.

· Obtain information within the context of their group activities.

· Become aware of how to contact the family planning office or worker



· Good organization and coordination between the youth group leader and the family planning worker.

· Willingness to listen and learn on the part of the group members.

Some background information for the group leader

Where can young people get information and assistance to help them put their family size decisions into practice?

Information and assistance regarding family size and child spacing are available from your local family planning unit or council.
It might be appropriate for you, the group leader, to invite the local family planning or planned parenthood worker to come and talk to the members of the youth group and this topic.

Using a resource person like this is a good way to make your youth group activities even more interesting and useful to its members. These resource people can't replace you as the leader. But resource persons can help make your job better and easier too.

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