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Harvest and sale

42. If you want to sell your vegetables at a good price, you must be very careful not to spoil the vegetables when you harvest and transport them.

Well- packed vegetables are easier to sell and fetch a better price.

Foreign countries only buy vegetables of good quality that are well packed.

When you harvest, be careful not to damage the vegetables.

- Do not pick vegetables with dirty hands.

- Do not break or tear the leaves of salad plants, spinach or cabbage.

- Do not drop fruits like tomatoes, eggplant, green peppers.

- Do not pick fruits when they are wet, because in that case they can easily rot.

- Do not wash certain fruits like eggplant, tomatoes and green peppers, but merely wipe them with a cloth.

43. When you have picked your vegetables, sort them.

- Do not put together spoiled or damaged vegetables and good- quality ones.

- Put together vegetables of the same kind and the same size.

- Pack each vegetable carefully: remove all leaves that are black or dirty. For example, with cabbage, leave only 2 or 3 leaves to protect the heart; with eggplant, leave only a short piece of stem; with carrots, leave only a few green leaves. Make small bundles of carrots, turnips and radishes.

44. Vegetables must not be damaged in transport.

- Do not put too many vegetables together. When too many fruits are heaped one on top of the other, they get crushed and rot.

- Do not drop them. A fruit that is dropped rots very quickly.
A market gardener who harvests and packs his vegetables well can sell them at a better price.