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Market gardening

When a lot of vegetables are grown for sale at the markets in towns, this is called marker gardening.

Kitchen gardening means growing vegetables for the family to eat.

The field where these vegetables are grown is called a kitchen garden.

Why vegetables are grown

1. Vegetables add to the diet a lot of mineral salts and vitamins. People need vitamins for good health.

If you eat a lot of vegetables, you supply your body with vitamins and a lot of mineral salts. If you want to keep your good health, you must often eat vegetables.

2. Vegetables can be sold at a good price.

By doing your work well, you can produce enough vegetables for the family, and you can sell those vegetables which you produce in excess of what the family needs.

To grow vegetables gives no more work than to grow other crops, but, to be successful, you must know thoroughly how to do it.

The man who produces vegetables is called a market gardener.

Not all the parts of the vegetables that are grown are used as food for people.

Some vegetables are grown only for

3. Leaves and stems

Examples are spinach, lettuce, onions, leeks.

4. Roots

Examples are carrots, turnips.

5. Flower heads

An example is the cauliflower.

6. Fruits

Examples are tomatoes, green peppers, beans, okra.

In this booklet you will learn how to grow vegetables successfully.