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What tools to use

10. The tools used for vegetable crops can often be made in the village, and so they cost less. There are many different tools that can be used. If you have these tools, you can do your work better and more quickly.

Tools can get damaged and are easily lost. When you have finished working, clean them and put them away tidily so that they will keep better.

11. The main tools used in vegetable growing.

The machete is used for clearing the field, for cutting and for trimming.

The apace is used for working the soil.

When the soil is clayey or contains a lot of stones, it is better to use the digging fork.

The digging fork is also used for applying manure.




The digging hoe is used for many purposes: to break up lumps of earth when the soil is dry, to prepare the beds and earth up the plants.

For removing stones, you can use a forked hoe.

The pulling hoe is used for weeding and intercultivating between the rows.

The dibber is used for transplanting seedlings.

The watering can is used for watering vegetables without damaging them. The watering can has to be fitted with a rose.

Pulling hoe


Digging hoe

Forked hoe

Watering can

There are other tools which may be very useful.

The rake is used to break up clods, to level the beds, to cover up seeds after sowing.

The tamper is a wooden board used for firming the soil after sowing.

Length of cord is used for tracing straight lines for sowing and transplanting.

The wheelbarrow is used for carrying manure, compost, fertilizers, etc.

The powder duster is used for applying dusts for pest control.


Wooden tamper