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close this bookBetter Farming Series 01 - The plant: the Living Plant; the Root (FAO - INADES, 1976, 29 p.)
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Plan of work


Read pages 4 to 13 on the living plant.

· Pay great attention as you read
· Begin the experiments of making a plant germinate and lifting a plant.
· Look after what you have sown.
· Water them every morning.


Read pages 14 to 19, on:

· How a root is made.
· How a rootlet is made.
· The inside of a root.

To help your memory read pages 4 to 13 again.
Study the new lesson carefully.
Make sure you understand what rootless do {see page 17).
This lesson is rather difficult, but it is important.


Read pages 20 to 26 on the different kinds of roots.
To help your memory read pages 14 to 19 again.
Look at the drawings carefully so that you understand the form of roots.
Study the page on sowing at the best density.
Look at how you sow in your plantation or field.


Read pages 27 and 28.
Read the whole booklet again quickly.

· Try to answer the question paper without looking at the booklet.

Write your answers on a piece of paper.
Look in the booklet to see if your answers are right.
Then write your answers on the question paper, without copying from the booklet.