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close this bookBetter Farming Series 24 - The Oil Palm (FAO - INADES, 1977, 40 p.)
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Suggested question paper


The female flowers, after they are fertilized, turn into a
Inside the pulp of the oil palm fruit there is a
Before planting oil palms in a plantation, they are grown for about a year in a
The best density is oil palms per hectare
When the oil palm is young, it needs , especially in fertilizers


Describe the fruit of an oil palm.
What varieties of oil palm are there?
What tools are used to harvest the fruit clusters?
What cover crops have you sown in your oil palm plantation ?
What insects attack the oil palm?
In what regions can oil palms be cultivated?
Why must fertilizers be applied to an oil palm plantation?
Why must the fruit clusters be harvested at the right moment?