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close this bookBoiling Point No. 34 - September 1994 (ITDG - ITDG, 1994, 40 p.)
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View the documentSmoke in the Kitchen
View the documentAny Stove Will Smoke if You Don't Use it Correctly
View the documentAcute Respiratory Infection, Conjunctivitis and Accidental Burns: the Stove Factor
View the documentExposure to Air Pollution From Transitional Household Fuels In A South African Population
View the documentSmoke Removal in Kenya
View the documentChinese Chimneys by Zhu Zhao-ling and Lian Ren jie
View the documentIndoor Air Pollution in Rural Tigray by Jurgen Usinger
View the documentRemoving Smoke from Nepali Kitchens by K M Sulpya
View the documentA Breath of Fresh Air for Smoky Houses
View the documentVietnames Kitchens
View the documentReducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Improving Environmental Degradation
View the documentIndian Government's Stove Programme in Question
View the documentCooking energy Efficiency in Indonesia
View the documentPhillipines Ricehull Stove
View the documentStoves for Cafés and Food Stalls
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