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close this bookBoiling Point No. 39 - Using Biomass Residues for Energy (ITDG - ITDG, 1997, 44 p.)
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View the documentTheme editorial: Using biomass residues for energy
View the documentBriquetting agricultural residues
View the documentBriquetting of biomass residues in India using a Beehive Pyrolyser and briquetting machine
View the documentBriquettes in Sudan
View the documentAn introduction to the reality of household fuel needs in Bangladesh
View the documentSawdust utilization; experiences in Mutare, Zimbabwe;
View the documentBiomass resources use in tea plantations in Sri Lanka
View the documentDevelopment of cooking-cum-heating stoves in the upland of North Vietnam
View the documentFuelwood as a source of urban household energy in Ethiopia: A supply perspective
View the documentGTZ-Pages
View the documentCommunity-managed micro-hydro projects in Northern Pakistan
View the documentThe low wattage cooker: the Nepal experience
View the documentRoutes for commercialization of rural stoves
View the documentThermally efficient improved wood-burning metal cooking stove with water-heating arrangement for cold climates in India
View the documentThe 'Women and Energy Project' for stove dissemination in Kenya: crossing the sustainability bridge
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