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close this bookCircuits, Formulas and Tables Electrical Engineering - Basic vocational knowledge (Institut für Berufliche Entwicklung, 201 p.)
close this folder1. Selected Graphical Symbols of Electrotechnology
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1.10. Graphical Symbols for Semiconductors


Graphical Symbol

in full



point contact transistor or junction transistor, type p-n-p

n-p-n transistor

Semiconductor diodes

diode with rectifying function


capacity diode

tunnel diode

avalanche rectifier diode

avalanche rectifier diode with avalanche effect in both directions

backward diode



backward blocking

backward conducting

n-type gate, controlled at anode side

p-type gate, controlled at cathode side

Semiconductor elements which can be influenced by light

photoresistance cell


photocell with depletion layer

phototriode p-n-p

switching diode p-n-p-n

Semiconductor circuits

switching diode p-n-p-n

semiconductor valves in bridge connection