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close this bookCriteria for the Dissemination of Biogas Plants for Agricultural Farm and Household Systems (GTZ, 1993, 25 p.)
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3.4. Larger plants

So far, the household plants mainly focussed on have ranged from 6 to 20 m³ VD. What has been said so far also applies to plants for larger farms. For an analysis of potential, the larger plants have to be seen in relationship to their higher costs of construction. For these plants, greater involvement of the private sector is possible due to the higher volume of the order and the relevant profit margin. For plants of this size, environmental aspects are frequently very significant, consequently the macroeconomic benefits have to be evaluated differently. For the clarifying of wastewater, there is no alternative "yes or no", but only different, competing technical processes. Anaerobic processes, i.e. biogas plants, are here only one of many options. However, they do have the advantage of needing only a small amount of space and do not consume energy in warm countries, but provide it.