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close this bookCriteria for the Dissemination of Biogas Plants for Agricultural Farm and Household Systems (GTZ, 1993, 25 p.)
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View the document4.1. Location: Sechuan/southwestern China
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View the document4.6. Location: Export zone in Agadir region/Morocco

4.6. Location: Export zone in Agadir region/Morocco

A study of potential shows a favourable picture for biogas dissemination. This region of approximately 575,000 hectares has a theoretical potential of approx. 20,000 plants for all areas of application of agricultural biogas plants. Infrastructure as regards electricity is insufficient. A large number of the farmers in the target group have a good financial position. Agriculture is extensively promoted by the state. Although local craftsmen cannot provide the same standard of quality as e.g. in Central Java, the establishing of an efficient dissemination programme should prove to be no problem. Regarding water management, the region has been developed in the past by an efficient organisation with modern management and selective methods. However, if sustainable dissemination is to be achieved, a coherent policy on the part of the Moroccan government will be necessary. This policy will have to provide the agricultural development agencies with a mandate and will have to ensure financial security for a future biogas programme. Limiting factors here could be the relatively easy access to fossil energy sources and the too low temperatures in some regions during the winter months.