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close this bookCriteria for the Dissemination of Biogas Plants for Agricultural Farm and Household Systems (GTZ, 1993, 25 p.)
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5.1. The tasks of a demonstration phase

After a feasibility study, each programme begins with the construction of demonstration plants on suitable sites. A well-proven model of plant is roughly modified to the regional and local conditions. Normally, the first few plants are constructed with only a small participation by farmers who can then take over a forerunner function in the village. These farmers are intensively familiarised with the technology and information events are carried out. The implementing organisation begins to set up, the engineering, conceptual and organisational know-how for a dissemination programme. Initial experience with the operation of the plant leads to the model for dissemination being modified accordingly and a standardised concept for the location of the plant on the farm is developed. All additional activities necessary (e.g. introduction of stabling or propagation of new fertilising methods on the basis of slurry utilisation) are determined and the gas appliances are adapted. At this stage, local masons and fitters are already commissioned to build the demonstration plant. With the intention of creating a broad basis for cooperation in the field of biogas technology, a network is set up with other institutions. The political decision-makers are continually informed on the status of dissemination activities.