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close this bookCriteria for the Dissemination of Biogas Plants for Agricultural Farm and Household Systems (GTZ, 1993, 25 p.)
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6.3. Ideal conditions

If each of the following conditions is fulfilled then household biogas plants will definitely get a foothold. A dissemination programme is then expressly recommended

- even, daily temperatures over 20°C throughout the year
- regular gas demand approximately corresponding to gas production
- full stabling of animals (on solid floors as far as possible)
- at least 30 kg/day dung available per plant
- dairy farming
- use of organic fertiliser is normal
- farmers are owners of the farm system and primarily of the farm
- plants can be located in favourable positions to the stables and to the point of gas consumption
- the biogas plant can be integrated into the normal working routine in the house and on the farm
- gas utilisation and attendance of the plant can be clearly regulated within the household
- low price of plant in relation to the income of the target group
- favourable economic coefficients for the biogas plant - economically healthy farms open to modernisation
- insufficient supply of fossil sources of energy
- building materials and gas appliances available locally
- qualified artisans locally
- counterpart organisation has access to and experience in contact with the target group
- efficient counterpart organisations with the possibility of cooperating with the private sector
- counterpart organisation has experience in programmes comparable to biogas dissemination
- political will on the part of the government towards not only biogas technology but also towards strengthening small and medium-scale farm systems
- secured financing of the dissemination structure