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7.2. Expected gas production

If the daily amount of available dung (fresh weight) is known, gas production will approximately correspond to the following values:

1 kg cattle dung

0.04 m³ biogas

1 kg buffalo dung

0.03 m³ biogas

1 kg pig dung

0.06 m³ biogas

1 kg chicken droppings

0.07 m³ biogas

If the live weight of all animals whose dung is put into the biogas plant is known, the daily gas production will correspond to the following values:

cattle, buffalo and chickens

0.0015 m³ biogas/day per 1 kg live weight


0.003 m³ biogas/day per 1 kg live weight.

Where cattle are only partly stabled the gas quantity is reduced in the relation: number of hours to 24-hour day.