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close this bookBetter Farming Series 23 - Coffee (FAO - INADES, 1977, 36 p.)
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Suggested question paper

The fruits of the coffee tree are called .....
..... coffee beans fetch a good price.
The place where seeds are sown to make them germinate is called
The root system of the coffee tree is a
The young coffee tree does not like too much and dry are bad for it.
To make a coffee tree young again you .....
In order to get good- quality coffee beans, the grower must the berries correctly and the coffee beans well.


What varieties of coffee do people grow where you live?
Are there centres in your region which sell coffee seedlings for planting in a plantation?
Why should you protect the bare soil?
Why should you leave some trees in your coffee plantation?
Why should you burn diseased coffee trees?
How are the berries dried?
Describe how your people prune coffee trees.
Make a drawing or two to explain.
Why should you harvest your berries properly and dry them well?
Describe how your people process the coffee beans.