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close this bookBetter Farming Series 32 - Biogas 2: Building a Better Biogas Unit (FAO, 1986, 47 p.)
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Taking care of your biogas unit

129. Always be careful when you are near a biogas unit because gas may be leaking.

130. If gas is leaking and you breathe in too much of it, It can make you very sick.

131. Never build a fire, smoke, or even light a match near the unit, because if gas is leaking it may explode.

Never build fire near the unit

132. Check your biogas unit and gas lines often to be sure that there are no leaks. The note on page 34 in this booklet tells you how to check for leaks in a working biogas unit.

133. If the oil drum begins to rust, coal it with the kind of paint that is used to paint metal.

Paint the oil drum

134. About once each year, when you are taking the unit apart, wash it inside and outside with warm soapy water as you were told to do in Items 19 to 26 in this booklet.

Clean the drum

135. Then paint it inside and outside as you were told to do in Items 47 and 49 in this booklet.