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Improving your fish

1. You have already built the small described in Booklet No. 27, Freshwater fish farming: how to be and you have grown many fish

Grown fish

2. Your family would like to have more and you have learned at the marked that you can sell more fish if you have them.

3. You would like to grow more fish to and to sell at the market so that you and your family can live Growing more fish is improving you fish farm.

Sell fish

4. You can improve your fish farm by making your old pond bigger. If your old pond was 10 by 10 metres, you can make it twice as big by moving some of the banks. You can make it 10 by 20 metres.

Make a fish farm

5. You can improve your fish farm by building a new, bigger fish pond either next to your old pond

Build a bigger fish pond next to the old one

or in another place.

Build a bigger fish pond in another place

You can improve your fish farm by building more than one pond.

6. But start slowly and carefully. First, build only one new pond. After you have built your first bigger pond and you know how to use it to grow more fish, you can build more ponds and grow fish all year round.

7. After you have built one or more new, bigger ponds, you will need more baby fish than you did before. You may decide to grow your own baby fish so that you will have them when you need them.

8. This is another way of improving your fish farm. You will learn more about it in Booklet No.30.

9. Before you begin to improve your fish farm, you must be sure that:

· you have enough of the right kind of land

The kind of land

· you have enough good water near by

Have enough good water

· you and your family have enough time to work a bigger pond or more ponds.