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close this bookPeer Education for a Viable Future - A Manual for Young People (GEEP - UNESCO, 1999, 40 p.)
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Unit 3: EPD messages

Part 1

Examples of EPD Messages

1. Youths, let us say no to drugs.;
2. Plant a tree. it will sustain your children;
3. Fight desertification plant tree;
4. AIDS kills, avoid it by using a condom;
5. Stay healthy, avoid premature sex act;
6. If you cut one tree, plant three others;
7. To work towards the integration of the people is to work for their development.
8. Not to pollute is to respect the environment;
9. Let us educate ourselves to ensure our development;
10. let us not joke with the present our future depends on it;
11. Let us decentralise to halt exodus;
12. A healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy environment.;
13. To reforest is to contribute to development;
14. Let us all join hands against poverty;
15. Nature gives but it is people who built;
16. The behaviour is like a dress, change it when it's dirty.

Part 2


1. Put into order the above messages in accordance with the objective aimed at:

· give information
· incite action
· raise the change of behaviour

2. Can you referring to these messages identify the principal characteristics of an EPD message?

3. Create on this base five other messages in connection with the preoccupations of EPD's youth as regards EPD.