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close this bookBetter Farming Series 36 - Raising Rabbits 1: Learning about Rabbits; Building the Pens; Choosing Rabbits (FAO, 1988, 56 p.)
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What can rabbits eat?

40. Rabbits eat almost any kind of plant that is not sour or spoiled. Much of the food that they eat is not needed for anything else.

41. So, you can raise rabbits, using very little of the food that you need for your family or for your other farm animals.

42. Rabbits mostly eat green plant materials such as leaves or stems, or parts of green plants that you do not use. They also eat many kinds of weeds.


43. If you have nothing else, you can feed your rabbits only green plants and weeds.

44. However, if you want them to grow very well and fast you will also have to feed them some richer foods.

45. In many places, you can buy good, rich foods made especially for rabbits. These are called rabbit pellets.

46. Some farmers feed only pellets, and their rabbits grow very well. However, rabbit pellets cost a lot of money.

Rabbit foods

47. There are many other rich foods that you can give your rabbits, which do not cost so much or which you can grow yourself, such as wheat, barley, beans, maize, sorghum, millet or soybeans.

43. You will learn more about what to feed rabbits and when and how to feed them in the next booklet in this series.