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close this bookThe Fight Against Antipersonnel Mines (EC, 1997, 108 p.)
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View the documentForeword
View the documentIntroduction
close this folderChapter I: Nature and scale of the problem
View the document1. Diversity of the devices
View the document2. Diversity of deployment
close this folderChapter II: Complex and multiple consequences
View the document1. Direct effect on the victims
View the document2. Socio-economic effects
close this folderChapter III: Mine clearance
View the document1. Typology of mine clearing operations
View the document2. Modes of detection
View the document3. Treatment of mines
close this folderChapter IV: Organization principles for mine clearing operations in peace time
View the document1. Safety and efficacy conditions
View the document2. The participants
close this folderChapter V: Other means of action
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View the document1. Warning of the populations exposed to the hazards of antipersonnel mines
View the document2 - Identification and location of mined zones
close this folderChapter VI: Development and co-ordination of a local capacity
View the document1. A necessary co-ordination
View the document2. Principles and methodology for the development of a local capacity
View the document3. Mine clearance schools
close this folderChapter VII: Legal and financial aspects
View the document1. Obligations related to mine clearance in peace-time
View the document2. Origins and structure of financing
close this folderChapter VIII: Strategy of the European commission
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View the document1. The future
View the document2. A dead end
View the document3. The global approach
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close this folderAppendix
View the documentAppendix I - The explosives
View the documentAppendix II - The main types of firing devices
View the documentAppendix III - General development of mines
View the documentAppendix IV - Mines trade circuits
View the documentAppendix V - Sub-munitions
View the documentAppendix VI - The limits of magnetic detection
View the documentAppendix VII - The example of Afghanistan
View the documentAppendix VIII - Research and development and mine clearance
View the documentAppendix IX - Localisation and identification of antipersonnel mines
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