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Services for the Poor
Richard Franceys, Andrew Cotton: Services for the Urban Poor. A Select Bibliography.

WEDC/ITP, Loughborough 1993. 89 pp. ISBN: 1-85339-188-3. (ITP, 103/105 Southampton Row, London WC I 4HH, UK.)

This bibliography is the result of a review of the literature on infrastructure design for urban low-income housing. The focus of the references which have been included is on the provision of site-level infrastructure appropriate for sites and services schemes, slum improvement programmes, and urban area upgrading programmes. The subjects covered are infrastructure planning, site preparation, drainage, roads and access, water supply, power supply, sanitation and solide waste management.

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Fish Fermentation
Cherl-Ho Lee, Keith H. Steinkraus, P. J. Alan Reilly: Fish Fermentation Technology.

United Nations University Press, Tokyo, New York, Paris 1993.320 pp. ISBN: 89-7053003-7. (United Nations University Press, 53-70Jingumae 5-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150,Japan).

This book is the result of the United Nations Universitiy's (UNU) ongoing interest in promoting the study of traditional food technologies. Through an UNU project that began in 1985, detailed information on processing technologies used in the preparation of fermented fish products, the patterns of consumption and the nutritional composition of products was collected from a number of countries in Asia. The book is also an attempt to elucidate the cultural aspects of fish fermentation, the present status of production and technology in different regions of the world, and the microbiological and biochemical aspects of fish fermentation.

Draught Animal Systems
E. Teleni, R.S.F. Campell, D. Hoffmann: Draught Animal Systems and Management: An Indonesian Study.

Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), Canberra (Australia) 1993. 167 pp. ISBN: 1-86320-083-5. (ACIAR, GPO Box 1571, Canberra, Australia 2601)

Farming methods based on draught animals are among the most significant agricultural systems in the world. In the production of rice and other crops in the tropics these systems remain critical to the food security of expanding populations. They are a major contributor to employment and a major source of income from crop products, calves, animal rental and animal by products. This manual contains a comprehensive account of the draught animal systems m representative areas of Indonesia whose characteristics simulate any other areas of Southeast Asia.

Water Systems

Gilles Corcos: Air in Water Pipes. A Manual for Designers of Spring Supplied Gravity-Driven Drinking Water Rural Delivery Systems.

Berkeley (CA), USA 1992. 71 pp. ISBN: 0-9634980-0-2. 6 US$ plus postage. (Ague Para La Vida. 506 Arlington Ave. Berkeley, CA 94707, USA).

The manual is intended as a complement to handbooks on the construction of rural gravity-flow water systems. It focuses on the problems and the opportunities associated with their almost inevitable presence or air in the main pipeline from the spring to the distribution tank. The essential ideas of this manual are also applicable to other technical areas, such as drainage, in which pipes are used to convey a liquid at an unspecified flow rate.