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Courses and meeting

Anaerobic and Low Cost Treatment of Wastes and Waste-Waters
1st International Course 13 - 26 March 1994 Wageningen, Netherlands

This "Training Programme in Environmental Technology and Sustainable Land Use" is organized by the International Agricultural Centre (IAC) in Wageningen and the Wageningen Agricultural University (WAU), Department of Environmental Technology (DET). The objective of this course is to present recently developed knowledge and insights about the possibilities of applying waste and wastewater treatment technologies geared to low energy consumption and the re-utilization of valuable components (fertilizers, energy). Participation is open to professionals who work in the field of research and development, training and policy making, related to the implementation of environmental protection technologies.

Details from:
International Agricultural Centre
P. O. Box 88
6700 AB Wageningen
The Netherlands
I.awickse Allee 11
Tel: + 31-8370-90111
Fax +31- 8370-18552

Basic Principles of Planning Integrated Plant Protection Measures
13 May - 8 June 1994 Feldafing, Germany

The course participants from Anglophone Africa will be able to recognize interdependencies within the production system and base decisions upon them, to assess the advantages and limits of different surveillance and early warning systems, to implement advanced training and extension work on relevant topics and to introduce relevant topics in existing teaching or training curricula.

Closing Date for Application:
January 13, 1994
Details from:
Food and Agriculture Development Centre (ZEL)
- Feldafing/Zschortau
German Foundation for International Development (DSE)
D-82336 Feldafing
Federal Republic of Germany Fax 0 81 57-3 82 27

Indigenous Technical Knowledge in Tropical Agricultural Development
A 10-week-course 29 June - 9 September 1994 Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The curriculum of the course, organized by the University of Edinburgh: The nature of indigenous knowledge and its creation, techniques for the elicitation of indigenous knowledge, case studies of indigenous crop and livestock production, applications and implications of indigenous agricultural knowledge, validation and storage of indigenous knowledge in expert systems, communication m rural societies, management of small projects by NGOs and computing and data handling skills. The course (fee: 3,500 Pounds) addresses graduates, postgraduates and workers in rural and agricultural development, particularly those working in NGOs, and governmental education and extension services.

Details from:
Edith Field, Tropag Courses UnivED Technologies Ltd
The University of Edinburgh
16 Buccleuch Place
Edinburgh EH8 9LN,
Scotland, UK
Tel.: +31-650-3473
Fax: +31-650-3474

Environment-oriented Resource Planning in Intensive Agriculture
29 July - 23 August 1994 Zschortau, Germany

This 4-week-course is organized by the Food and Agriculture Development Centre (ZEL) of the German Foundation for International Development (DSE). Objectives are to get the participants familiar with concepts, methods and procedures of environment protection in agriculture, to give them the capacity to assess possibilities for applying these methods and procedures under the conditions of developing countries and develop concepts for their home regions. Target groups are medium and higher level specialist staff of agricultural, environmental and rural development planning authorities and personnel of development cooperation projects.

Closing Date for Application: March 29, 1994
Details from:
Food and Agriculture Development Centre (ZEL)
- Feldahng/Zschortau -
German Foundation for International Development (DSE)
D - 82336 Feldafing
Federal Republic of Germany
Fax: 0 8157-3 82 27