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Letter from the Editors

YOU must have thought about sex at some point in your life. But have you ever wondered what someone else on the other side of the world thinks about it? Someone like you, facing the same decisions as you when it comes to sex and sexuality, mezzo is a one-off magazine allowing young people from all over the world to speak their mind about issues like friendship, love, sexual relationships and parenthood.

It is clear that there is a degree of similarity between us when it comes to sex and sexuality yet when it comes to certain issues we have different beliefs and attitudes. We have also attempted to address some of your questions, questions which you feel are not adequately answered elsewhere. All over the world young people have a thirst for information about sex, and more and more young people are turning to unreliable sources. We believe that young people deserve to have honest responses to their queries.

So how did we find out what young people of the world think? We asked them. And they replied. And they replied some more. We cannot share with you what everyone had to say hut we hope you will enjoy and respect the views of those who have contributed.

Doortje Bracken
Roni Liyanage

Managing Editor: Pramilla Senanayake Editors: Ooortje Braeken, Roni Liyanage Contributors: Tim Beasley-Murray, Charlotte Hackett Illustrations: Helen Bird Design: Price Watkins Printing: The KPC Group, UK Thanks to: Jeremy Hamand, Christine Hawkins, Raymonde Merialdo, Carlos Huezo, Richard McKenzie, Herb Friedman, Alex Marshall, Shombi Ellis, Suzanne Cohen, Ridha Gataa, V Palan, Kalimi Mworia, Sarah-Jane Marriott, Louise Tiemey, Mananna Dominguez. Stephen Brown Special thanks to: All the young people who took part in the survey and all those who facilitated the interviews A Banson production © IPPF 1997

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is the world's largest voluntary organization in the field of sexual and reproductive health, including family planning. The Federation, with its hundreds of thousands of volunteer workers, is represented in more than 180 countries worldwide IPPF is committed to promote family life education as a means of preparing youth for responsible parenthood in the future and increase the access of young people to appropriate information, education and services in addressing their reproductive and sexual health cafe needs. In addition, IPPF, through the activities of its Youth Committee, recognizes the importance of involving young people in the development of sexual and reproductive health programmes.

The contents of this publication do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of IPPF, nor are they an official record, mezzo was produced with financial support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). However, the views and opinions expressed in the publication do not necessarily reflect the policies of UNFPA.