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Preface to first edition

The trainers of community health workers for whom this book is primarily intended will probably already know the technical information on nutrition that it contains. Many of them, however, will not be familiar with the task-oriented approach that is adopted here. It is hoped that they will find this book useful either for preparing and carrying out a new nutrition training plan or for revising an existing plan to make it more practical and effective. Supervisors will find much in these pages to help them in the guidance and on-the-job training of community health workers under their supervision. The community health worker who has completed training based on this manual can also use it for reference and as a continuing guide to help her in her daily contacts with families. Finally, this book explains the basic nutrition tasks of the community health worker to other health and development workers in the community. It will serve them all as a guide in determining the areas in which they can work together to solve the nutritional, health and related problems that are their common concern.