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close this bookWHO Information Series on School Health - Document 3 - Violence Prevention: An Important Element of a Health-promoting School (UNESCO - WHO, 1999, 61 p.)
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Who should read this document?

This document has been prepared to help those willing to advocate for and initiate violence prevention and health promotion efforts through schools. This may include:

· Members of the school community, including teachers and their representative organizations, students, staff, volunteers, parent groups, coaches, caretakers and school-based health workers.

· Community leaders, local residents, health care providers and members of organised groups (e.g., community groups interested in improving health, education and well-being in the school and community).

· Members of non-governmental agencies and institutions responsible for planning and implementing the interventions described in this document, including programme staff and consultants of international health, education and development agencies who are interested in working with schools to promote health.

· Governmental policy-makers and decision-makers, programme planners and coordinators at local, district (provincial) and national levels.