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close this bookAlcoholism: Prevention and Cure by Dr Courtejoie J., MD and Pierre, B (Bureau of Study and Research for the Promotion of Health - Congo - CPS, 1983, 175 p.)
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(Pictures 31 to 40)

Before continuing the talk, the educator should question the group on the previous lessons to see if everybody has understood them well.

Picture 30: "alcoholism is an illness that can be cured, especially if it is caught early"

Picture 31: "The most difficult thing for a man who drinks to do is to decide to stop, and, above all to rigorously stick to his decision.

He absolutely needs strong moral support from his family"

Picture 32: "A chronic alcoholic who wants to be cured and not relapse cannot let himself take even one drink of alcohol.

If he tries simply to reduce his alcohol intake, without eliminating it, he is sure to fall back on his old habits. One must learn to respect and not ridicule or laugh at the person who does not drink alcohol when offered a drink.

If a person refuses a drink, do not insist, do not force him to drink. When friends gather, they should always plan to have enough fruit juices and sodas available for everyone':

Picture 33

Picture 34

Picture 35

Pictures above: Instead of spending our energy and time making and drinking beer and wine, we should devote ourselves to other activities such as fishing, hunting, breeding, agriculture, etc, which can help the family, provide it with good food and be a source of revenue"

Picture 36: Instead of wasting his money buying beer and alcohol, the father decides to buy a bike for himself, another one for Diela, a new sewing machine for his wife. Each one can thus get what he or she needs to feel fulfilled,

Picture 37

Pictures 38: The parents earnings allow them to go together at regular intervals, not to the bar, but to the shop and buy what they really need.

Picture 39: "Diela is the one who benefits most from the harmony reigning in the family. He goes back to school; he no longer lives in the permanently tense atmosphere that prevailed when his father was an alcoholic"

Picture 40: "Man himself must work to create his own and his family's happiness.

But he can only achieve that if he faces reality, not by trying to live in a sort of dream world. Alcohol can make him forget his troubles and problems but it does not solve them. The whole family needs to stick together when facing difficulties Only this mutual support allows them to solve the problems of every day life"