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Simple health education problems related to alcohol

1. John wants to buy a bike that cost 2 400 local money units (lmu). Every day he drinks 3 bottles of beer at 8 local money units. a bottle. He decides to give up drinking. How long will it take to buy the bike with the money saved by not drinking ?

2. John wants to buy a bike that costs 2 400 lmu. Every day he drinks 3 bottles of beer at 8 lmu. a bottle, plus 8 additional bottles at the end of the month (I month = 30 days). He decides to give up drinking How long does he need to wait before he can buy a bike with the money saved by not drinking ?

3. Question removed

4, One bottle contains 3/4 liter of 8 - proof beer. How many liters of beer are there in a 12 bottle pack ? What is the total quantity of alcohol in the 12 bottles ?

5. Two workers each earn 15 lmu a day. One spends an average of 4 lmu. per day on palm wine. The other does not drink. How much does he latter save in one year compared with the first worker ?

6. Henry just got his wages. He decides to have a party with a bunch of 8 fellow construction workers and he buys two 10-liter bottles of palm wine at 45 lmu a piece. How many liters of palm wine will each person drink during the night if all the wine is drunk and each person drinks exactly the same amount ? The wine contains 4 % alcohol, how much alcohol will each person drink ? How many kilos of dried fish at 30 lmu. a kilo could Henry have brought home for the same amount of money ?

7. Every day, on the pretext of growing more robust, David drinks a
750-ml bottle of beer containing 4 % alcohol. How many ml of alcohol does David drink in a week ?

8. William drinks a bottle of beer at 8 lmu. a piece every day. After 30 days, how much does he spend ? How many kilos of rice at 12 lmu. a kilo could he have bought with this money ? How many glasses of rice at 2.5 lmu. a glass ?

9. Which of the following glasses contains the most alcohol ? Which one contains the least ? A 33-ml glass of 96-proof whisky, a 200-ml glass of 16 - proof hard beer, a 40-ml glass of 80-proof liqueur, a 133-ml glass of 24-proof wine or a 80-ml glass of a 40 - proof aperitif

10. How many milliliters of alcohol does a man who drinks three 3/4 liter bottle of 10 - proof beer absorb ? How many grammes of alcohol does he tolerate given that I ml of alcohol = .79 g?

11. Which of the following three quantities contains the most alcohol ? Which one contains the least ? Ten liters of 10 proof liter; six liters of 20- wine; two liters of 100-proof whisky.

12. A nurse's income is 450 lmu. per 28-day month and he drinks 2 bottles of beer at 7 lmu. on week days and 3 on Saturdays and Sundays. How much did he spend on beer in a 28 day month ? How much is left for living at the end of the month ?

13. A bar retails 30 packs containing 12 3/4 liter bottles of 8 - proof beer every Saturday; 120 people patronize it. How many bottles of beer are drunk in liters ? What is the total amount alcohol ? How many bottles of beer does each person drink on average every Saturday ? How many liters of beer ? How much alcohol ? How much does each drinker spend on average every Saturday ? How much does each of them spend on average on drinks on one Saturday, in one month (= 4 weeks), in on year (= 52 Saturdays) If a bottle of beer cost 10 lmu. ? if the bar owner makes a profit of 4 lmu. on each bottle, what will his profit be after one week ? One month ? One year ?

14. How long must each of the 120 persons of the preceding problem abstain from drinking beer on Saturdays in order to buy a bike that cost 3120 lmu. ?

15. The State police report one death in road accidents per year per kilometer on the Kasaingulu-Kinshasa road. How many deaths were reported between January l, 1960 and June 30, 1983 on 40 kilometers of road ?

16. A driver earns 40 lmu. to drive from Matadi to Kinshasa. If he stops 4 times on the road to buy a bottle of beer each time at 9 lmu a bottle, how much will he have left to bring home to his family ?

17. Two drivers each earn 375 lmu. per 28-day month. One of them spends on average 7 lmu, in beer per day; moreover, he is not able to work on Mondays, thus a lost of income amounting to 15 lmu. How much does the other driver, who does not drink beer, save compared with his dried in one month ? in one year ?

18. Paul is in the habit of drinking 2 bottles of beer per day at 8 lmu. a bottle. If he gives up drinking can he pay the tuition for his son with the money he saves? The entrance fees are 900 lmu. per term (100 days). Does he have enough money left over to buy school books too at 70 lmu. a book ? if yes, how many of them?

19. Simon's uncle lives in Kinshasa. Simon decides to go and visit his uncle. It cost 400 lmu. to go there and back. Simon usually drinks 2 bottles of beer at 8 lmu. per day. If he decides to stop drinkiing and save his money, how many days will he have to wait before starting out on the trip ?

20. Tom and his brother want to build a tomb for their late father. They need a bag of cement, which costs 96 lmu. a bag, and 20 flagstones at 5 lmu. a piece. Tom and his brother each drink 3 bottles of beer at 8 lmu. a bottle every Saturday night. If they stop drinking, how many weeks will they have to save in order to build the tomb ?

21. Jack and Susan became engaged in May 1. To please his fiancee, Jack decided to give up drinking completely. Before his engagement he used to drink 2 bottles of beer per day at 7 lmu. When will he be able to buy Susan a piece of cloth costing 476 lmu, thanks to the money he saves ?

22. Sam drinks a bottle of beer everyday; on Saturdays he drinks 4. One bottle costs 8 lmu. He wants to start raising rabbits; a pair of rabbits costs 168 lmu. If he decides to stop drinking, how many pairs of rabbits will he be able to buy after one month (I month = 30 days, including 4 Saturdays) of saving ? If each female rabbit gives to 20 baby rabbits per year, how many rabbits will he have after one year ?

23. My friend Robert wants to buy chickens at 35 lmu. a chicken. If he stops drinking his nightly bottle of beer, which costs 7 lmu. a bottle, how many chickens will he be able to buy after 3 months (= 90 days) of saving ? If each chicken lays 3 eggs per week, how many eggs will his family eat each week ?

Solutions to the problems (lmu = local money units)

A. 1. 100 days
A. 2. 3 months and 2 days
A. 3. question removed
A. 4. 9 - 360 ml
A. 5. 1460 lmu.
A. 6. 2,5 - 100 ml 3
A. 7. 210
A. 8. 240lmu. - 20 - 96
A. 9. It is a trap question because all the glasses contam the same amount of alcohol: 16 ml.
A. 10. 112,5 - 88,875
A. 11 500 ml 600 ml 1000 ml
A.12. 448lmu. - 2lmu.
A.13. 360 - 270 - 10,8 liters 3 - 2,25 - 90 ml 30 lmu.120 lmu. - 1560 lmu. - 5760 lmu. - 74880 lmu.
A.14. 104 weeks
A 15. 940
A 16. 4 lmu.
A.17. 256 lmu. - 3072 lmu.
A.18. Yes, because he will save 1600 lmu per quarter yes 10
A.19. 25
A. 20 4
A. 21. June 4
A. 22. 2 - 44
A. 23.18 - 54